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Planned Solutions is a professional solutions-based mental health service for people who want to be in control of their important life decisions.  Together, we help people to identify solutions, develop achievable goals, and realize positive results.

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The first step towards establishing an effective working partnership between you and Planned Solutions is learning more about each other, exploring the problem issue(s), and conveying mutual expectations of the processes and the outcomes.  Experience, integrity, confidentiality, affordability, and service delivery innovation (virtual-based, office-based, or home-based), and the realization of achievable goals are what sets Planned Solutions above the rest.  Dr. Daniel Habermann, founder of Planned Solutions, would like to offer you a free initial consultation to discuss your situation, exchange information, present how the services of Planned Solutions could benefit you, and jointly decide the next steps of action.  Take the initiative to let me help you – it’s all about you achieving your goals!




Culturally responsive





What can I do for you?

I can introduce you to a new and refreshing approach at  how you view yourself, others, and life’s problems through a perspective that promotes discovery and positive action(s) towards problem solving.  Because we can only achieve your goals together, we must develop an equal working partnership that is built on trust.  I, as a professional mental health practitioner, offer you the free opportunity to explore how Planned Solutions can assist you to a pathway chosen by you that realizes your goals.  The initial consultation will accomplish three objectives: 1) Increase our understanding of each other, 2) explore the problem situation, and 3) discuss how our services and special services could benefit you.  Planned Solutions can perform other interventions considered outside the scope of mental health issues, such as divorce agreements or end of life planning.  Please click here to discover our special services and how they are designed to be a sustainable problem solving tool, saving time, resources, and hardships for all parties.  There is no obligation to continue with paid services if you desire. If it is determined that Planned Solutions cannot help you achieve your goals, we will work at no charge to find someone who can – our ethical principles always put you first.

What makes us different?

We understand that life is complicated; many problems and many possible solutions, solutions that may be unplanned or unwanted.  These may lead to mental health issues, poor decision making, and a depreciated quality of life.  Unlike the disciplines of psychology or counseling that place problem focus on self, Planned Solutions equally considers the self and your social interactions as a platform of change.  We utilize an ecological systems-based framework that equally considers all human dimensions ( physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual) to understand you in your environment.  This holistic theoretical perspective informs other theories specific to treatment application, and provides a contextual overlay for their interventions; an individualized well-matched approach that responds to you and achieves your goals.  In other words, we do not label any issue as a disorder, but we profess that there may a way to better align you with your environment through positive change, change that may occur within you, your environment, or in many instances, both.

This perspective, which importantly acknowledges your interactions with society, allows us to present a broad scope of service areas that encompass all aspects of your life.  Additionally, this promotes the development of better solutions to problems, many of which have lasting implications for all involved, such as children from divorced parents.  Our innovative strategies, such as home visitation enhances our working partnership by directly putting us in your environment.  Planned solutions is about understanding you and your situation, individualizing our approach to you, developing solutions, and achieving your goals together.  This rewarding everlasting approach to problems, decisions, or circumstances empowers you to realize your goals and be successful you!

Working Process


Build a foundational platform of mutual trust and understanding to discuss working processes and plan future interactions.


Discover the problem issue(s), framework of understanding, current solutions, known barriers and outcome expectations.


Elicit additional solutions through a new perspective and formulate a planned solution that will achieve your goal through positive means.


Execute the planned action(s)to engage the problem issue(s) towards a successful resolution. Adjust action(s) as needed.


Responsively monitor implementation process against goal benchmarks. Determine success level of final outcome.

Scope of Service areas

Family Conflict

Internal and external disrupters of the family system, such as financial issues, children issues, addictions, religion/ideology, gambling, disasters, incidence of broken trust, sickness, and aging.


Interrelated with issues of self and the response to major life events, the convergence or singular overexpression of these emotions may inhibit the ability to achieve a desired quality of life.

End of life issues

The manifestation of challenges during this last stage of life; issues with self, family, or relationships requiring resolution to satisfy existential questions, unify family, ensure legacy, and provide comfort.


Barriers or other factors preventing or inhibiting a functional relationship between two people. This could included romantic, work, estranged, and awkward unwanted relationships.

Suicidal/homicidal ideations

Often associated with issues of the self (emotional/spiritual/social) and how problems are discerned, thoughts of harm to self or others create a dangerous pathway of responsive actions.


Important aspects not addressed in the other practice areas; possible prevention strategies, separation implications, and non-legal mutual post-divorce forward thinking planning agreements.


Responsive actions to circumstances that create difficulties or conflict in relationships, such as violence, anger, illegal activities, or other conduct that isolates and prevents problem resolution.


Issues of the self that negatively impact well-being and daily functioning. These intertwining human dimensions shape who we are, our paradigm, and how we interact with the world around us.


Problems, situations, or other mental health issues not listed in other service ares; advocacy, research, psychosocial education, cultural assimilation, specific interventions, and community action.

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